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Scientists Cheer Male Birth Control Pill Breakthrough

There has been a big break in the testing of male birth control. Scientists say they’re now much closer to releasing a safe birth control pill for men after a recent study showed no serious side effects for its participants.

The pill works pretty much the same way as the female version.The drug (called 11-beta-MNTDC, for anyone who cares), blocks sperm-producing hormones, but is made with a testosterone-like compound to keep one’s “maleness” intact. In other words, when you top taking it, your little swimmers are still safe.

During a month-long study, th group of guys aged 18 to 50 who popped the pill, saw their sperm count drop without any serious side effects (other than headaches, fatigue and some acne). This means another round of testing is coming.

Still…don’t go canceling that vasectomy just yet, these pills are at least 10-years away from being available(and you’ll still need to wrap up that little soldier to prevent STDs).

Source: New York Post

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