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rothers With Peanut Allergies Removed From Flight So Others Could Enjoy Nuts

A family from Georgia is not happy after they claim an airline crew removed their teenage sons from a flight from South Korea to the Philippines because of one of the boys suffers from a severe peanut allergy.

The two teen boys had been traveling to Manila after visiting their sick grandfather in the Atlanta area. Their father is temporarily based in the Philippine city. It seems that the boys family had notified Delta about the allergy and they took the necessary precautions for the first leg of their flight which went from Atlanta to Seoul.

However, the second flight with partner Korean Air didn’t go as well. The boys were told that peanuts would be served on board and the family¬†says that they told the boys that they weren’t going to deprive their other guests of peanuts so the brothers had two options, to deal with it or get off the plane. They chose to get off the plane and they were flown back to Atlanta on another flight.

Both Delta and Korean Air have apologized for the incident and said that their airlines are looking into the matter.

Source: WSBTV

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