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Plane Turns Around After Mother Fogot Her Child In Terminal

If you’ve traveled enough, no doubt you have come across a few screaming babies on a plane. They usually don’t delay the flight but there’s a first time for everything.

It seems that over the weekend, a flight from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia had to turn around and return to the gate because a woman on board forgot her newborn baby in the terminal. She evidently¬†left her kid in the boarding area and didn’t realize it until they’d already pushed back from the gate.

Some reports say the plane had actually taken off before she realized the baby was missing, but the plane was probably just taxiing to the runway. Either way, planes don’t usually turn around just because someone forgets something at the airport. This, however, is a bit different.

When the pilot alerted ground control to what was happening, they asked him to repeat himself, just to make sure they heard him right. Then they cleared him to turn around. They returned to the gate, and the baby is fine.

Source: New York Post

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