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Eat These Foods For A Better Sex Life

People love the idea of being able to eat something that’ll boost your sex drive, but do aphrodisiacs really even work? Well, you can’t just add some dark chocolate to your diet and suddenly become more sexually attractive or see your sex drive magically spike that night, but according to certified nutritionist Alisa Vitti, these are some foods that can “give lift to libido” when eaten for an extended period of time by folks who eat a healthy diet.

  • Honey – Add some to your yogurt or oatmeal because Vitti says the boron in honey helps regulate hormones and it contains nitric oxide that’s released naturally during arousal, so it “promotes some of the natural chemicals your body releases when you’re getting turned on.”
  • Walnuts – Proper blood flow is an important for a healthy sex life, and walnuts contain omega 3s and arginine, two ingredients that help increase blood flow.
  • Watermelon – This juicy fruit has another ingredient that also promotes blood flow: citrulline.
  • Strawberries – They have a reputation of being an aphrodisiac, which Vitti says may be due to strawberry seeds containing zinc, which boosts testosterone, and that’s important to men’s libidos as well as women’s.
  • Avocados – Your avo toast obsession could actually help boost testosterone and help maintain a stable, relaxed mood, too.
  • Chocolate – You’re in luck if you have a sweet tooth because Vitti says chocolate “contains a compound that increases both endorphins and dopamine to make you feel happy.” Dopamine is the brain’s reward chemical, so it’s pretty important during sex. Just stick with dark chocolate (72% cacao and higher) and don’t overdo it.

Vitti also suggests a few foods to stay away from because they’ll leave you cranky, bloated, and not in the mood: sugar, alcohol, fried foods, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and regular sodas.

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