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Handy: Camping Sex Tips

With any luck, the nasty weather will be breaking for the more frigid parts of the country sooner than later. When that happens, everyone wants to be outdoors more, and camping is a must. If you’re going camping with the lady in your life, then – hopefully – the issue of sex will come up…and it helps to be prepared. If you’re not and outdoor-boning pro, here are some camping sex tips that’ll surely save the day, and night, for your both.

  • Bug Repellent – You wouldn’t think it would need to be said…but it does. Getting a bug repellent that you won’t sweat off easily can keep nasty bumps and itches from happening in some incredibly uncomfortable places.
  • Sex Toys –Bring the battery-operated varieties and bring batteries.
  • Wet Wipes – A fantastic way to clean up before and after getting it on.
  • Know The Finish Before You Start –Sometimes the heat of the moment can lead to some real porn star acrobatics. Just remember, you have to sleep in that tent later, and there are no bathrooms or towel closets nearby. Think ahead.
  • Lube –It’s your friend and comes in convenience and easy-to-carry packets than can come in handy.
  • Proximity To Others – Tents aren’t known for their sound-proofing. So, unless you don’t care about announcing your affections to the world, it’s best to watch the volume.
  • Steamy –Some tents can become like a sauna when the passions start to rise. Prep for this by unzipping the inner lining so that some fresh air an circulate.
  • Trash Bags –It seems like common sense, until you forget it. Those condoms, lube packets, batteries, and other sundries have to go somewhere.

Preparation is key. Now, let’s all go get laid in the forest!

Source: Men’s Health

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