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The Big Story– Guy Cuts Off Tip Of Finger As “Valentine’s Day Joke” For Girlfriend


How’d you do this past Valentine’s Day? With any luck your flowers, dinner, or whatever won you some points and maybe even got you some bedroom action for a few days. One guy, however, took a way different approach and it landed him forever on at least one unlucky gal’s “creepy” list for life.

This 22-year-old woman in question has been dating the unnamed 24-year-old dude for a few months. He knew her affinity for the sitcom “Friends” (particularly the character of “Chandler”). So, this Casanova thought it would be a good idea cut off the tip of his middle finger as a tribute to Chandler’s finger-in-the-door-as-a-toddler episode. Apparently, he did this as a “joke” to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his sweetie. Clever, right?

Yeah, no. So gal took to Reddit to spill. “There were ZERO red flags. He was SO normal,” she notes. “He was a fricking chess player. He liked going out for bar trivia. He’s studying to be a paralegal.”

So she’s in shock…and the dude is calling her a dozen times the next day. Realizing how freaked out she was, he stressed that he wanted to talk about it, and noted that it “didn’t even hurt.” He’s in love…she’s confused…the Reddit community is suggesting she run like the wind.

Source: Reddit

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