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Here’s Why Some Dudes Like Pooping Naked


It’s a phenomenon that most men don’t feel the need to contend with, but other men know all too well: the psychological need to get butt-ass naked before “liquidating your assets.” It doesn’t matter if it’s in their palatial home bathroom or a public restroom – some guys simply muststrip down in order to do their business.

One psychologist thinks there could be two reasons someone might feel the need to “bust a grumpy” in the buff. Dr. Stauffer-Kruse thinks the nakedness need comes as a result of some toilet experience the man had as a child, or because of a “fascination with being ‘primal’ and escaping the roles that modern life has bestowed upon them.” That includes shedding the clothes and going to the can in his birthday suit. Of course, some dudes just thrive in the nude, too.

As you might guess, the stories and scenarios are varied:

  • Matt’s 20-years-old and has had a fear since he was six that somehow his clothes would be covered in dookie. Plus, he’s just comfier naked because “clothes just make things hotter and more constricted.” And P.S.? It doesn’t matter if he’s at home or at work…it’s everything off.
  • Another guy takes toilet paper sheets and lays them on the floor. Then, he takes off all his clothes and “balances them on (his) shoes” as he does his thing. He even takes off all his jewelry and watch before the action starts.

Another guy claims the nudity allows for a more relaxed and “wider stance and more open position” they claim leaves “less of a mess.” For others, there are psychological reasons where having clothes on leaves to a feeling of anxiety, and they just don’t want clothes “touching them in those private moments.”

Do what you gotta do for a more pleasurable and productive number two!

Source: New York Post

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