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Guy Wakes Up From Coma To Celebrate Christmas In February


There is nothing like having great neighbors who will go above and beyond for you. Even if it means having to put all their Christmas decorations back up in February.

Seems that back in mid-December, a 24-year-old guy in San Diego named Ryan Caine went to the emergency room with pneumonia, which turned septic. He had to be in a medically-induced coma for six-and-a-half weeks, and doctors weren’t sure if he’d ever wake up. Thankfully, he did, and finally got to go home last week.

One of the first things he said when he woke up was, “Did I miss Christmas,” because it’s his favorite holiday. His parents live on a street in San Diego where everyone goes all-out with their decorations. People come from all over to see them, and locals call it “Christmas Card Lane.”

His mom told him not to worry and when he showed up back home not only were his families decorations up but the entire neighborhood put their decorations up again as well. They even did some caroling out on the street.

Source: NBC News

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