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The Margarita Is America’s Favorite Cocktail


It’s time to raise a glass and salute America’s favorite cocktail: the margarita. A new survey from Nielsen shows the numbers, and not only does the Margarita take the top spot with 56% of respondents rating it numero uno, but it’s also the drink that Americans are most-willing to pay more for – an average of $9.49 per drink with the average cocktail going at 9-bucks.

The Martini took the second, with the Old Fashioned, Mimosa, and Moscow Mule rounding out the Top Five. What was interesting with this survey was how universal the results were across the country with a couple of notable exceptions:

  • In Chicago, the Old Fashioned took the top prize and the Mimosa came in the two-slot. The Margarita didn’t crack the Top Five there, either.
  • In Miami, the Margarita also reigned supreme, but the Mojito came in second-place.

This survey was compiled between September and December of last year, and also keep track of what time of day the drinks were being ordered. The Margaritas and Martinis flowed most-freely during the afternoon and early-evening…you know, the Happy Hour window. After midnight, however, all caution gets thrown to the wind because that’s when there’s no stopping the Long Island Iced Tea.

Source: The Drinks Business

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