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Most People Will Overspend On Valentine’s Day


There’s no better way to impress your honey on Valentine’s Day than with the perfect gif or night out, but it seems a lot of folks are spending way too much to do just that.

A new poll by Lending Tree finds that most folks plan to spend more than their significant other expects them to spend. Overall, men are expected to spend about $95 on their boo this holiday, while women will spend about $41, yet both genders only expect their honey to spend about $39 on average.

Of course how much a person spends does depend on what stage they are in a relationship. For example, folks who are engaged plan to spend, on average, about $92, while people who are dating will spend about $88 and those who are married will spend about $57. The poll also finds that those who are dating actually only expect their boo to spend about $44, while those who are married expect them to spend about $38.

  • But not everyone is expecting to get something this Valentine’s Day. In fact, one in three people don’t expect their partners to spend any money on them, while another on in three don’t plan to spend any money on their S.O. That could be why only 41% of people are actually looking forward to Valentine’s Day, while 5% are dreading it, and the remainder don’t really care.
  • As for what people actually want for Valentine’s Day, dining out is the most desired gift (32%), followed by a gift card (29%), with no gift the third-most wanted gift (24%). When it comes to gender, women would prefer a dinner out (36%), followed by flowers (31%) or chocolate or candy (25%), while men would rather their partner cook for them at home (28%), or provide a romantic or erotic experience (23%).

Source: Yahoo Finance

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