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LIST* Chain Restaurants Where You Can Get Married

We recently told you about how you can get married at a Dunkin’ wedding chapel this month, but it turns out, you can actually tie the knot at a bunch of your favorite chain restaurants. While some couples dream of saying “I do” on a beach at sunset, others are happy to do it at Burger King, and that’s actually possible. These chain restaurants are happy to host your nuptials when you’re ready to get married.

  • Burger King – They say no one has tried to do it before, but a rep for Burger King tells The Daily Meal, “If someone wanted to get married in a BK, we’d make it happen.”
  • Buffalo Wild Wings – While no major wedding ceremonies have happened at B-Dubs before, a rep for the chain says, “There was an impromptu wedding ceremony at a restaurant within the past few weeks where a justice of the peace married a couple right at their table.” And if another couple wanted to make this their wedding venue, they say they’d be open to making it happen.
  • Denny’s – The diner chain has its own Las Vegas chapel inside a Denny’s restaurant, so couples can have a “grand slam of a wedding ceremony.” It’s typically $199 to book the chapel, but they’re offering a $99 wedding package that includes the use of a chapel, a silk bouquet and boutonniere, and a Champagne toast.
  • McDonald’s – A rep of the fast food chain says they have no formal wedding program in the U.S., but couples around the world have tied the knot in Mickey D’s before. In 2016, a couple in the U.K. did and weddings at McDonald’s are so popular in Hong Kong that they have a wedding party program in China.
  • Olive Garden – If your dream wedding location is the home of the unlimited breadsticks and salad, a rep for Olive Garden assures, “Anything is possible!”
  • Pizza Hut – It’s not common for folks to walk down the aisle at Pizza Hut, but about 42 years ago, one couple got married at a location in Millington, Tennessee, so it’s possible. And that couple still comes back every year to celebrate their anniversary there.
  • The Rainforest Cafe – This chain happily hosts weddings and says their Orlando location is the most popular for weddings.
  • Taco Bell – So many people tie the knot at Taco Bell’s Las Vegas flagship cantina that they’ve expanded their “party room” to accommodate more wedding guests. This Taco Bell’s wedding package includes a Taco Bell garter and bow tie, a sauce packet wedding bouquet, “Just Married” T-shirts, a Cinnabon Delights wedding cake, and of course, tacos.
  • White Castle – Couples can take their vows at White Castle and celebrate with some sliders. Who said romance is dead?

Source: The Daily Meal


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