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bizarre Ways People Chose Their Baby’s Name


Picking a name for your baby isn’t always easy. If you go too common, and they’ll wind up with three others with the same name in their class, and if you go too unique, they may get picked on most of their life. Everyone has different ways of coming up with the right name for a child, and now some folks are sharing the bizarre ways in which parents came up with the moniker for their kid and it may leave you shaking your head.

Bizarre ways folks came up with baby names include:

  • “I’m named Macy because my mom went into labor at Macy’s.”
  • “My mom was a huge Disney fan and wanted her first girl to have a princess’ name. My dad, however, hated Disney and refused. So my mom suggested ‘Aurora’ and my dad — unaware that was the name of sleeping beauty — agreed.”
  • “My parents literally opened a dictionary, saw the word ‘fin,’ thought it was cool, and just made up the name Phinita. What?”
  • “My mom had me when she was 16, and named me Rayden after a character in her favorite video game, Mortal Kombat.”
  • “When my mom was 15 she watched ‘The Exorcist’ and loved the name Regan. She decided her firstborn daughter would be named Regan, so I was named after a possessed little girl.”
  • “I’m named after some lady named Joli who helped my dad over the phone with some insurance changes. Shout out to Joli at State Farm for the unique name.”
  • “My mom named me after Merry Christmas because I was born in December and she was high on the epidural. But she flipped it and named me Christina Marie.”
  • “My dad named me, his first born daughter, after his favorite porn star, Kaitlyn Ashley. My younger sister is also named after a porn star: Sarah Brooke.”
  • “My mom and her friend Lauren got super stoned on the beach and promised each other that one day they would name their daughters after each other. That’s how I was named Lauren.”

Source: Buzzfeed

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