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Pepsi’s New “Nitro Soda” Is Made Like Beer

Pepsi is working on a new soda and it will be their first-ever nitrogen-infused soft drink. Nitro Pepsi is a whole new thing for the beverage company and they describe it as having a “velvety, cascading foam” that comes in two flavors: cola and vanilla.

Nitro cold brew coffees and beers have become trendy over the last few years, but the infusion technique is new to colas. So what does it taste like? Those who’ve tried it say it’s like “drinking a Pepsi float, but without any ice cream involved.”

And while there’s no release date yet because Nitro Pepsi is still in the development phase, execs confirm they’ll be sampling it at the Super Bowl this Sunday in Atlanta – which happens to be Coca-Cola’s HQ.

Source: Delish

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