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Hospital Pulls The Plug On Wrong Patient


They say 40-year-old Freddy Clarence Williams died in St. Barnabas hospital in Brooklyn back in July. He was brought in after suffering a drug overdose and had his wallet in his pocket. That’s when Shirell Williams was called by the hospital staff and informed her brother was brain dead. She had not heard from her brother for weeks when she got the phone call. After going to the hospital, Shirell gave doctors permission to pull the plug on who she thought was her brother. Turns out, it wasn’t.

Staff found his social security number in his wallet but mistakenly identified him as Frederick Clarence Williams, the brother of Shirell Powell. Only her brother was actually in jail at the time and that’s why she hadn’t heard from him.  She got a call from the medical examiner saying that the man she gave permission to pull the plug on was in fact not her brother. Now, she is suing the hospital for unspecified damages. Who’s the actual guy whose plug got pulled? No one’s saying.

Source: Daily Mail

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