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Blind Andy’s Video of the Night (2/6/17)

Two Sumo wrestlers go head to head and it’s caught in slow motion.

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What Shows Are on the Verge of Being Canceled?

Is your favorite show on the verge of being canceled? TV Guide claims there are 18 shows on the “bubble,” meaning they could be axed. “American Crime,” “Heartbeat,” and “New Girl” all made the list, along with “The Family,” “Limitless,” and “The Muppets.” Why are these shows in jeopardy of being canceled? Across the board, it’s…

Lego Is Making Braille Kits To Help Blind Kids Learn Through Play

Lego is coming out with a new line of bricks created to help blind and visually impaired kids learn Braille. The new Lego Braille Bricks will help youngsters learn the touch writing system in a “playful and engaging way.” They’ll be “fully compatible” with existing Lego bricks and will feature the studs used for characters…

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Pink Floyd Weekend 2rd – 4th  Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink Floyd Weekend 2rd – 4th Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Click the image to learn how to sponsor the Gouverneur Breast Cancer Fund! Proudly Sponsored by Orvis St. Discount Wine & Liquors All the limited edition fall bourbons have arrived at Orvis Street! Call ahead for Carside Delivery at 315–764-0736 and remember to ask about your favorite case of wine! For Those in…

Coronavirus Q&A Roundtable

Coronavirus Q&A Roundtable

Coronavirus Q&A Round Table There are so many rumors going around about the coronavirus. learn the truth on Wednesday June 3 at 7 PM 101.5 the Fox will be going on Facebook live with local health professionals, from Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center, to answer any questions you have about this coronavirus. Miranda Simpson, RN, CHMCMichael Seidman,…



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