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BA’Video of the Night (1/31/17)

. When this girl mouths off to a cop, he’s not likely to punish her…cuz it’s her dad.




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A 74-Year-Old Woman Gave Birth To Twins

  It’s never too late to have a family even if you’re old enough to be the kid’s grandparents. A 74-year-old woman from India has become the oldest mother ever to give birth and doctors are calling her twin baby girls a “medical miracle.” Erramatti Mangayamma and father Yaramati Sitarama Rajarao, 78-years-old, used a standard…

Men Board Flight With Emotional Support Falcons

  We often see people traveling with their pets these days and they simply call them their emotional support animals. We’ve also heard of folks trying to bring on some pretty crazy animals. However, this isn’t as uncommon as one might think. Passengers on a Qatar Airlines flight saw two men carrying three falcons on board…

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Coronavirus Q&A Roundtable

Coronavirus Q&A Roundtable

Coronavirus Q&A Round Table There are so many rumors going around about the coronavirus. learn the truth on Wednesday June 3 at 7 PM 101.5 the Fox will be going on Facebook live with local health professionals, from Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center, to answer any questions you have about this coronavirus. Miranda Simpson, RN, CHMCMichael Seidman,…