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BA’s Video of the Night(1/3p/18)

Feel the magnetism between Gav, Dan and their special guest Mayim Bialik, as they have a smashing good time with some powerful rare earth magnets

Past BA's Videos of the night

Pole Dancing Could Become An Olympic Sport

If you saw J.Lo in “Hustlers” or performing at the Super Bowl, you’re probably aware that pole dancing isn’t easy. Being able to twist your body into inversions and poses like a gymnast is tough to do on the ground, much less trying to do it while suspended on the side of a smooth pole.…


Adult Summer Camps Increasing In Popularity

Do you miss the days of spending your summer at camp, drinking bug juice and sleeping in a cabin with eight other people and no air-conditioning? Well, turns out, just because you’re an adult it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the good ole days of summer camp.  Apparently adult sleep away camps…

The Worst Blind Date Ever

On Saturday, an Alabama woman says she had what can only be described as one of the worst blind date experiences of all-time. There are no details about how the unidentified woman got hooked up with one Jesse Allen Elliot, but whoever did the hooking up has some serious explaining to do. As the story…

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The Best Giveaway for Valentine’s Day!

The Best Giveaway for Valentine’s Day!

The Perfect Valentine’s Day It’s easy to win- just fill out the form below Oops! We could not locate your form. Alkies Tap Check them out on Facebook! Alkies Liquor Store Check them out on Facebook! Downtown Florist of Massena Order more great valentine’s gifts from their website ; go ahead and give their Facebook a…