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Pro Party Hosting Tips

If you’re entertaining this holiday season, don’t let your festive gathering stress you out. Having people over for some wine and cheese doesn’t have to be hard. You can be the hostess with the mostest by following these tips from women who have mad skills when it comes to entertaining.

They make the get-together spontaneous – Planning and organizing a party within two weeks of the event gives you a true sense of your schedule and those you invite can RSVP with confidence.

They put a bottle opener on every table – Giving your guests the tools they need to open their own beer and wine means you spend less time watching for empty glasses and refilling them.

They’re never afraid to call in the food – Just because you’re hosting the event doesn’t mean you have to make all the food from scratch. There’s nothing wrong with getting takeout or getting pre-made things at the grocery store, The key is serving everything on pretty platters or cutting boards.

They have a playlist ready – You don’t have to search Spotify for each individual song to set the vibe for your gathering. Using words like “coffee shop” or “party vibes” can get you the background tunes your guests will want to hear with minimal effort.

And a designated place for coats – If you’re short on space, the bathroom curtain rod is always an option.

They bag up clutter and put it in the closet – You’re busy cleaning, decorating, and getting food and drinks ready, so you don’t have time to find the correct place to put all that clutter away. The easy solution is to just group it all together in a bag and store it in the closet for your party. Problem solved!

They always splurge on supermarket flowers – Add some color to your place with fresh blooms from the grocery store. You can’t beat the prices at Trader Joe’s and fresh flowers really dress the place up.

They pour themselves a glass of wine first – Before the first guest arrives and you get busy taking care of everyone else, a glass of red or white will help wipe away the pre-party jitters and stress so you’re ready to host all night.

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