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The Slipperiest Cities In America

Anyone who lives in a state that gets their fair share of snow and ice in the winter knows things will likely get pretty slippery in the coming months, but there are some cities that handle these conditions better than others.

A recent poll asked consumers about the conditions of the sidewalks in cities they’ve either lived in or visited in the past five winters to uncover the most treacherous conditions and Detroit, Michigan earned the honor of “The Nation’s Slipperiest City.”

Top Ten Slipperiest Cities In America

  1. Detroit, MI
  2. Buffalo, NY
  3. Hartford, CT
  4. Columbus, OH
  5. Chicago, IL
  6. Philadelphia, PA
  7. Cleveland, OH
  8. Rochester, NY
  9. Pittsburgh, PA
  10. Boston, MA

And if you don’t think a slippery sidewalk is a big deal, you may want to think again. A recent report by the CDC finds that over 800,000 people a year have to be hospitalized because of a slip or fall, and most often they suffer a head injury or hip fracture.

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