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The Lies Parents Tell Kids So They’ll Believe In Santa

There’s nothing cuter than a kid who still believes in Santa Claus, but it’s not always easy to keep that innocence alive in kids. Some parents have gone to great lengths to make sure their children still believe in the man in the red suit, and have even resorted to telling some ingenious fibs to keep it going.

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks revealing the lies parents have told to trick their kids into believing in Santa and some are pretty hilarious.

Among them:

  • “I tell my kids I sent some gifts to Santa via the North Pole post office and sometimes wrap them first to help if the elves tell me they are extra busy.”
  • “I lived in an apartment and asked how Santa came when we didn’t have a fireplace. My mom said he comes down the fireplace just for me.”
  • “I caught my mom wrapping gifts when I was a kid and she said she was hired as an elf.”
  • “One of my gifts had a ‘made in China sticker’ so I was like ‘umm I thought Santa made this’ and my mom told me there are China elves.”
  • “My mom told me Santa had a special energy drink that helped him stay awake and go super fast delivering gifts around the world.”
  • “My parents told me they wrapped all the presents for Santa’s elves to open, then the elves and Santa sent back the ones they thought we deserved.”
  • “My mom told me he wrapped all the presents using our wrapping paper because it weighed less when he was carrying them.”
  • “I asked my mom why Santa’s handwriting was the same as hers. She said, ‘he just knows to do that. He’s magic.’ I was amazed.”
  • “I once noticed that ‘Santa’ had the same wrapping papers as us and my dad just told me he ran out and had to borrow ours.”
  • “Once I asked why Santa doesn’t get sick from sour milk, my mom said he had magical glitter in his belly to protect him from food poisoning of any kind.”
  • “My parents got separate paper and my brothers and sisters rigged footprints on the roof. It took me until 5th grade.”
  • “My parents took skis and made sleigh tracks on the roof so I’d believe in Santa.”

Source: Whisper

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