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Facebook Glitch Posting Old…Uh…Posts

Late last week, you might have been one the people who notice something funky going on with your Facebook news feed. The site suffered a glitch that caused some users to see past posts re-posted as if they were new again. So, if you got blown out of you job two months ago and were telling the world about it…two months later all of your friends might have though you got blown out again and wondered why you couldn’t hang onto a gig

This glitch also re-stamped the old posts with current dates and times. Making users think that this is new content being posted. Some users are saying that they found the glitch after updating their app, and after they used the “year in review” feature.

There’s been no official work from Facebook on the cause or if it’s been fixed – so in the meantime if you see something weird out there, you’ve been alerted. It’s safe to assume that your friend has not gotten dumped by the same guy again, that dead person hasn’t died again, and your mom didn’t post the same recipe again. But the kittens? Those are totally the real deal.

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Cocaine Bear” – Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

You’d best watch your ass, because “Cocaine Bear” is coming. The movie is legit, as the title suggests, it’s about “a bear that accidentally does a bunch of cocaine.” There are some legit credits behind it, too. Elizabeth Banks took on the directing duties, and it’s one of the final roles of the late Ray…

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Air India Orders Cabin Crews To Dye Their Gray Hair

Indian corporation Tata Group wants to improve Air India, which it took over at the start of the year, and a new 40-page booklet given to staff includes new grooming regulations employees must follow both at work and in their private lives, including making sure their hair meets the requirements. Crew members aren’t allowed to…

Blind Andy's WTF Files (1)

World’s Largest Book Published In Texas

A Texas nonprofit, publishing house, and museum teamed up to break the Guinness World Record for the largest published book in the world with an enormous version of “I Am Texas,” made up of writing and artwork from 1,000 Texas students from 3rd to 12th grade. The book officially measured at seven feet tall and…

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