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Over-Eating Is An Ego Trip

In a world that is filled with way too many studies, here comes another one! This time, it focuses on why guys overeat…especially through the holidays. What the study showed is that guys tend to eat not because they are hungry, but because of “competition and social observation.” Huh?

The research involved 93 guys who varied in health, attractiveness, brains, and various other factors. What was studied, was a chicken wing-eating contest. Some of the guys were asked to compete in private, and others were asked to chow down in front of an audience. They found that they guys who ate in front of the audience ate 30-percent more chicken then the guys without an audience.

In other words, guys stuff their faces at social functions because it’s a form of showing off. So it has less to do with hunger, as more to do with ego and competition. As we all know, nothing makes a group of single ladies hotter than a guy who can down an entire pizza in one sitting. It’s practically a mating call…or should be!

Source: NY Daily News

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