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Woman Arrested For Refusing To Stop Twerking

Danielle Lanae Jefferson has a criminal love of twerking. Neighbors called the police on the 35-year-old from Gainesville, Florida (of course, Florida) after she had been blasting rap music for more than 20 minutes at 3:15am. When cops arrived, they asked her to turn down the music. Not only did she refuse, but she also began twerking on her car.

Police asked her to stop doing that, too. As you can probably imagine, Jefferson didn’t. She then told cops they’d could arrest if they wanted. First officers gave her a citation, but Jefferson crumbled it up and threw it back. That’s when Jefferson was hit with a charge of resisting an officer without violence.

After being taken into the station, Jefferson told an officer she thought he was “cute” and wanted to keep him around to “argue.”

Source: Click Orlando 

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