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The Best Ways To Avoid The Holiday Party Hangover

The holiday party season is upon us, which means a lot of folks will be indulging in a bit too much alcohol, with some (more like many), waking up with a hangover the next morning. But you don’t necessarily need to be the one popping a bunch of Advil the day after the office Christmas bash, as long as you drink wisely.

Now, of course, the best way to not have a hangover is to drink responsibly, but if that’s no fun, some booze options are better than others for avoiding that dreaded morning headache.

According to experts, clear options, like vodka, tequila and gin are less likely to give you a hangover, but it’s important to watch what you drink them with. Mixing them with sodas is a no-no, because the sugar in them can be a factor in a hangover. It’s suggested you stick to mixes like seltzer or juices. And if you’re a wine drinker, opt for white instead of red. As for what to avoid, the experts say dark booze like whiskey, beer, red wine and champagne are likely to give you a hangover, as will any type of cheap wine.

Another step you can take to avoid the dreaded hangover is to drink lots of water (even better – intersperse with your drinkie drinks), since booze is going to dehydrate you. Also, it’s smart to eat something after you’ve had a lot to drink to absorb some of the booze, although not anything high in sugar or fat. So much for that late night pizza.

Source: The Daily Mail

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