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How To Love Going To Work More

It’d be wonderful if your office was actually a place you looked forward to going to every day. For those who truly love what they do for a living, it probably is. But most of us feel pretty “meh” about our jobs. So when you have mixed feelings about heading into the office, research shows there are some hacks can help boost your daily work life and make your office a happier place to be. Here they are:

Make friends at work – If you’re the employee who comes to work just to get the job done and then heads home, consider hanging out for a while at the end of the day to chit chat with your coworkers. Research shows people who have meaningful connections at work show more passion and productivity. They’re even less likely to quit!

Build a desk for success – “Just like you decorate your apartment or home, create a desk space that feels like home to you,” explains Rachel Brown, co-founder of The Wellness Project NYC. She suggests adding photos and trinkets to make the space more personal. And research shows having a plant or two around can make employees more attentive and reduce stress.

Schedule a walking meeting – Researchers at Stanford University found that walking can boost creative thinking, so when you’re stuck on something at work, ask a colleague to walk and talk it out with you. Heading outside for some fresh air and sunshine can get you a vitamin D boost as well.

Pack a lunch you enjoy – Rushing through a sad salad while staring at the computer screen is awful. Spending a few minutes making a lunch you’re really looking forward to will keep you from slumming it at the vending machines when you’re rushed and hangry. And steal a few minutes away from your work day to have a true lunch break away from your desk, even if it’s brief. There are all kinds of health benefits from stepping away for a few, including eating less food.

Take good care of yourself – You’re not a different person once you step inside your office, so prioritize your needs and yourself. Make sure you’re taking breaks, eating healthy and doing what makes you feel better while you’re at work. Doing all of these might help you actually look forward to your job.

Source: Huffington Post

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