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The Eagles Have No Plans To Reunite With Glenn Frey’s Son

In late September, we reported that Don Henley was hinting around at the idea of an Eagles reunion, even with the absence of Glenn Frey.

“You know, Glenn (Frey) has a son who can sing and play quite well,” Henley teased in an interview with the “Montreal Gazette.” “And one of the only things that would make sense to me is if it were his son….the only way I would consider any kind of reunion, I think, would be with Glenn’s son, Deacon.”

Sadly, it looks like that idea is off the table for good, and in a new interview, Henley stressed that the legendary group would not re-unite. “I don’t see how we could go out and play without the guy who started the band,” Henley said. “It would just seem like greed or something. It would seem like a desperate thing.”

The surviving members of the Eagles will be together, though, when they’re recognized at this year’s 39th annual Kennedy Center Honors. The ceremony is set to air December 27th on CBS.

Source: The Washington Post

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