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5 Tech Gifts To Avoid This Holiday

With the holidays in full swing, you’re probably thinking bout the perfect gift to give to that special someone. Tech gifts may top the list, but you should do some research before stuffing them under the tree.

Recalled products won’t necessarily make their way to store shelves, but plenty of third-party retailers ignore consumer warnings. Check out “CNN Tech'”s list of toys to avoid:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – After a massive recall of 2.5-million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, the company stopped selling them entirely because some of the phones were exploding. Even though you can’t buy them from retail stores, you can still find the accident prone phones on sites like Craigslist.
  • GoPro Karma Drone – In November, Go-Pro recalled 2,500 drones after a few of them reportedly lost power mid-flight. If you do plan to buy this product, just make sure you don’t get a dud.
  • Samsung washing machines – Another hit for Samsung, as if exploding phones didn’t do the trick. The tech giant recalled 3-million top-loading washing machines earlier this month due to reports that the lids were flying off mid-wash. LG’s front-loading washer might be a better option.
  • Soylent – This product ended up making people sick. The Silicon Valley company recalled its new line of Soylent bars a few months back, but its original powder product also caused nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Some “smart” home products – There are a few smart home gadgets that pose major security risks. Clever hackers have taken over some Internet-connected devices to launch cyber attacks. Look out for devices that ship with insecure settings and default passwords like “admin.” Hackers count on you to not change these settings.

Source. CNN Tech

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