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Drunk Dude Can’t Find Convenience Store Bathroom…Guess The Rest

Here’s a story that has “Florida” written all over it. Meet 46-year-old Tampa resident, Daniel Colon. According to local officials, he wandered in to a Treasure Island 7-11 store looking for a bathroom. Sure, it could have been stealthy hidden, or not conveniently located…but most Colon couldn’t find it.

So, rather than find a bathroom someplace else, he did the next logical thing. He strolled into the walk-in cooler and whizzed all over six cases of Busch beer. To be fair, the cases could have been re-sold because the taste would probably not be altered that much. Either way, employees saw him go into the cooler, but could not stop him before he actually went in the cooler.

Danny was charged with criminal mischief and burglary – since the beer could not legally be sold at that point. And are we shocked to find out he was drunk? Nope. Nor are we surprised that he scored himself a DUI. There is one ray of sunshine here, though. His last name is Colon – and we can all be glad that in this instance he didn’t live up to that name.

Source: The Smoking Gun

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