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Things Only Hotel Employees Will Tell You

The holiday season is here, and many of us are looking forward to getting away for family mayhem. For a lot of people, that means getting a hotel. We all know that some hotels are better than others, but if you think that the “nicer” hotels are immune to some nasty stuff. Well, think again, you naïve little soul.

Men’s Health has come up with a review of things that only a well-informed hotel employee will share with you. Some of it is not for the squeamish. Their insights include:

  • ALWAYS check the expiration dates in the mini bar
  • Lay a towel or a sheet on the chairs and sofas – they may not be as clean as you think – naked people can leave stains
  • ALWAYS use the plastic bag that comes with the ice buckets – sometimes people with hangovers use the bucket for things other than ice
  • Bedspreads hardly ever get washed

On the plus side however, hotel employees always know who are having the affairs…and the concierge is a great secret keeper.

Source: Men’s Health

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