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Man Gets His Wedding Ring Stuck On His Family Jewels

Sometimes we only learn lessons after being horribly embarrassed. That’s what happened to an understandably anonymous man in South Africa who got his wedding ring stuck on his family jewels.

According to doctors, the 28-year-old was trying to have a little fun when the band got stuck. Maybe the most painful part of the story? The unidentified man’s mother rushed him to the hospital.

Doctors first tried to use a mini saw to cut the ring off, but it was thought they might injure the already painfully embarrassed man. After lessening the swelling, the ring was removed.

Source: HuffingtonPost

Cocaine Bear” – Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

You’d best watch your ass, because “Cocaine Bear” is coming. The movie is legit, as the title suggests, it’s about “a bear that accidentally does a bunch of cocaine.” There are some legit credits behind it, too. Elizabeth Banks took on the directing duties, and it’s one of the final roles of the late Ray…

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Air India Orders Cabin Crews To Dye Their Gray Hair

Indian corporation Tata Group wants to improve Air India, which it took over at the start of the year, and a new 40-page booklet given to staff includes new grooming regulations employees must follow both at work and in their private lives, including making sure their hair meets the requirements. Crew members aren’t allowed to…

Blind Andy's WTF Files (1)

World’s Largest Book Published In Texas

A Texas nonprofit, publishing house, and museum teamed up to break the Guinness World Record for the largest published book in the world with an enormous version of “I Am Texas,” made up of writing and artwork from 1,000 Texas students from 3rd to 12th grade. The book officially measured at seven feet tall and…

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