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What Next?! Now, Watching TV Dives Your Sperm Count

Earlier this week it was a story about bacon – that processed meats could be the reason that you are having issues with your swimmers. A complete low-blow to men everywhere. Could life get any more unfair?

Yes, it can.

Today, it’s sitting on the couch and watching television that’s killing your little buddies. And we can thank researchers from Denmark for the news. These spoil-sports have found that men who watched at least five hours of television each day had a sperm count that was 34% lower than the guys who watch no television at all.

Here is an odd twist, though. That same research found that guys who spent that five hours playing on their computers didn’t experience any change. How can that be? They’re still sitting on their ass looking at a screen!? The eggheads don’t seem to have an answer for that. When all is said and done, you already know what you have to do. Get up and move around a bit to get those boys swimming again. Unless you don’t want to. I mean, ‘Rosie’ never complains.

Source: Men’s Health

April Fool’s Joke About Coronavirus Lands Artist In Hot Water

  Of course, not everyone realized that given the world’s current pandemic, April Fool’s pranks were not okay this year. South Korean singer Jaejoong from the K-pop group JYJ told his 1.9 million fans on Instagram he’d been diagnosed with COVID-19 and was in the hospital. This comes after governments around the world warned not…


WATCH: Social Distance Dance Party

These folks in Buffalo, New York are keeping each other’s spirits up…and their distance in a daily neighborhood dance party.       The neighborhood social distancing dance party in Buffalo is LIT. — Anna Stolzenburg (@annastolz) March 27, 2020

Robin Williams YouTube Channel Launching

  Could you use a pick-me-up in quarantine? The Robin Williams Estate is bringing us laughter when we need it most, launching a new YouTube channel today in the late comedy legend’s honor. Every week until the end of June, the official Robin Williams’ YouTube channel will share moments from his most memorable stand-up gigs…

Blue Lagoon Turned Black After Tourists Won’t Stop Gathering By It

  People in England apparently are having a hard time understanding what not leaving their homes means as officials have continued to deal with tourists and locals visiting a former limestone quarry that has the most amazing blue body of water. Known as the Blue Lagoon, people were still visiting the disused quarry, which has become a…

New Orleans Now Has A Rat Problem With All The Restaurants Closed

  As if New Orleans doesn’t have enough problems to deal with right now. With restaurants closed save for take-out service, far less food waste is being discarded in the city’s alleyways. So that’s driving the local rodent population out into the open to search for scraps. Now with Bourbon Street’s famous bars all closed…

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