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How To Make Your Own Luck

It’s easy to feel like some people have all the luck, especially if you’re not one of them. But psychologist Richard Wiseman has spent most of his career researching why this is and he’s come up with a different idea. After interviewing more than 400 self-described lucky and unlucky people, he’s found luck isn’t actually “just luck” – it’s a mindset.

Wiseman says lucky people find and benefit from chance opportunities but unlucky people don’t. He’s found unlucky folks miss those things because they’re too focused on finding something else. At parties, they’re laser-focused on meeting the perfect partner so they might miss out on meeting good friends. Basically, lucky people are more relaxed and open, so they see what’s actually there and not just what they’re looking for.

Wiseman considers luck a skill that can be learned, instead of something you either have or you don’t. This is what he says you need to do to generate good fortune.

  • Turn off auto-pilot – Unlucky types tend to be creatures of habit. They always take the same path to and from work and engage the same people at social gatherings. But lucky people go for variety in their lives – so mix it up more.
  • Follow your intuition – The unlucky don’t follow their gut when deciding on something, but the lucky ones tend to listen to their hunches. Lucky people pay attention to both how they think and feel about the options instead of just going with the obvious.
  • Be realistically optimistic – It’s all about perspective and lucky people tend to see the positive side of things, even their misfortune. How do they do this? By imagining how things could have been worse. If a lucky person falls and breaks their leg, they’ll feel lucky they didn’t break their neck instead! There’s an Irish proverb that says “Luck is believing you are lucky.” So let’s all focus on that and change our luck.

Source: Mind Body Green

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