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Who Gets The Armrest On A Plane? The Debate Rages On

The BBC has done a feature on one of the burning questions of our time.

Who has the rights to the armrest on an airplane?

If you can’t afford the luxury of First Class, and you don’t have the ability to upgrade to the roomier seats, then you know what a pain in the ass this can be. It’s especially a problem if you are in the 3-seat configuration, and you’re the poor sap stuck in the middle. After several interviews and 20 paragraphs, here is their conclusion: nobody knows.

It comes down to this…it is completely situational and up to the ethics and selflessness of those in the row. Kind of like a “Lord of the Rings” on a plane.

  • If your neighbor is a pregnant lady…have some class.
  • If the middle person is a big guy or girl…you may just be S.O.L.
  • If it’s just three regular folks…be courteous and ask
  • You are most likely going to be obligated to follow the lead of the middle person, regardless

If you don’t act like a douche, you probably won’t get treated like one…and vice versa.

Source: BBC

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