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Eating Earlier May Help You Burn More Fat

Eating an incredibly early dinner may be something we all joke about old people doing, but it turns out your grandma and grandpa may be on to something, at least when it comes to dieting. A new study suggests eating dinner early, or even skipping the meal completely, could help a person burn more fat calories.

The study out of Louisiana State University’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center tested the idea of “early time-restricted feeding” and found that there may be benefits to it. The small study focused on 11 men and women with excess weight, and had them eat between 8am and 2pm four days a week, and then from 8 am to 8 pm for four days, with subjects eating the same calorie amounts during both experiments.

What they found was that when participants ended their eating early, and wound up fasting for 18-hours, they burned more fat, and actually kept their appetite even throughout the day as compared to when they who ate later.

Of course, this doesn’t mean folks should start joining the early bird diners right away. More research needs to be done to find out whether changing eating times could have a long-term effect on those battling weight issues and obesity.

Source: New York Magazine

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