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How To Get Rid Of Your Cold Overnight

We know when it’s coming – the scratchy throat, tingle in the nose, and throbbing head are all signs that a cold is starting. And this time of year, every time someone in the next cube sneezes, or the guy on the train coughs, we’re scared. But don’t worry – here are some expert tips for knocking a cold out fast.

Eat garlic – Naturopathic Doctor Taryn Forrelli advises going heavy on the garlic when you feel a cold coming on. She says it’s a powerful antioxidant with antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibiotic properties. Plus it helps with congestion!

Try supplements – Forrelli also recommends getting extra vitamin C, as well as zinc and beta glucans as “cold-fighting powerhouses.”

Eat chicken soup – There’s actual science behind this old-fashioned remedy. Cysteine is a powerful antioxidant that’s released from chicken while it’s cooking, and it chemically resembles a bronchitis medication. Plus the protein and minerals in white meat chicken boost your immune system and the broth helps thin mucus. So your grandma was right all that time.

Wear wet socks – This one sounds a little kooky, but Forrelli says it works. The “warming socks” method works with your body’s natural physiology to heal you. Basically, when you put wet socks on your feet, the cool temperature makes blood flow back into your feet to warm them. It’s a form of “microcirculation” that does what regular blood flow does, bringing nutrients in and taking toxins out. First warm your feet in hot water, then put on cold, wet socks and cover them with dry socks or plastic bags and get in bed. You should wake up feeling better.

Hydrate – Drinking fluids keeps your passages and throat lubricated and hot drinks help too because the steam helps sweep germs out.

Try apple cider vinegar – People say ACV helps relieve bloating, clear acne, and even soothe sore throats. Since germs hate acid, drinking a swig of ACV can help fight them off.

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