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The Best Steakhouses In America Revealed

There are a lot of Americans that consider themselves foodies and like to go out for a fancy meal of duck or fish or pasta, but there are also a lot of folks out there who just like to go out and enjoy a nice thick piece of steak with all the standard sides.  For this reason there are a lot of steakhouses in the U.S., and OpenTable has now come out with their list of the 100 Best Steakhouses in the Country.

The reservation site made their determinations based on opinions of more than five million restaurant reviews by verified OpenTable diners, who weighed in on more than 20,000 restaurants in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. (Note, places that don’t use OpenTable don’t make the list, which is why New York’s legendary Peter Luger didn’t make the cut.)

Overall, 28 states are represented in the top 100, with California, Illinois and Texas landing the most on the list with 17 each. Coming in second is New York with 14 and Massachusetts with 12.

Some of the steakhouses making the list include
(click here for the complete list)

Source: OpenTable

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