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Signs You Need To Drink More Water

Some days, we’re all about refilling our water bottles and getting all the hydration we need. Other days, not so much. But it’s really important for our health to make sure we’re drinking plenty of water so our bodies function properly and we feel energized. Here are some signs you need to drink more water.

  • You have a headache – If your head is throbbing, you should drink a glass of water before you pop an aspirin and see if it helps first.
  • Your urine is dark yellow – It should be clear or really light yellow, so if you see bright or dark color in the toilet, you’re dehydrated.
  • You have bad breath – You can’t always blame the hummus for your stinky breath. Research shows drinking and “engaging saliva” can combat foul breath. And bacteria in your mouth can get smelly when it’s dry for too long.
  • You’re backed up – If you’re constipated, that can be a sign you need a big glass of water to loosen things up.
  • You’re tired – If you’re getting plenty of sleep but you’re still tired, dehydration could be to blame. Drinking water will help give you energy and wake up your senses.
  • You’re craving food – If you can’t stop thinking about eating sweets or salty foods, or you’re craving a snack but you just ate recently, it could be a lack of liquids and a shift in appetite hormones. Our bodies interpret thirst as hunger, so try drinking water first, then see if you’re still hungry.
  • Your skin is dry and wrinkled – When you’re dehydrated, your skin gets drier and flakier, so drink up to get your glow back.
  • You get lightheaded when standing – If you feel dizzy when you stand up, you might not be drinking enough water.
  • Your muscles cramp – When you’re feeling stiff or having muscle cramps, it could be dehydration. So drink water to loosen things up and your muscles should feel more relaxed.
  • Your body is hot – If you’re not drinking enough water, your body can’t regulate its temperature, so you can’t cool down. A cool glass of water should help do the trick.

Source: Bustle

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