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What To Drink With That Leftover Halloween Candy

The best part about the day after Halloween? The leftover candy. Now, the NC Beer Guys are putting a more adult spin on the sugary goodness. They’ve put out a list of what beers pair best with particular candies.

  • Candy Corn – Yeah…it sucks…but it goes well with a nice cream ale.
  • Snickers – Go for an English Style Brown Ale for this one.
  • Milk Duds – A rocking Imperial Milk Stout will get the job done here.
  • Skittles – You cannot go wrong pairing this with your favorite IPA.
  • Circus Peanuts – They don’t have a choice for this because this candy is evil and serves no Godly purpose on this, or any other planet, and NO beer can hide that fact.

You can see the full list here.

Nothing like getting buzzed with a sugar high. Rock on, party guy!

Source: WRAL

Amazon Driver Delivers Package During Police Standoff

Amazon Driver Delivers Package During Police Standoff

An Amazon driver gained internet fame for his dedication after delivering a package in the middle of a police standoff in Cary, North Carolina. The video, which has almost seven million views, shows the driver nonchalantly walking past flashing police cars and handing the package to a SWAT team member, who proceeds toward the apartment.…

Irish Slang Terms Americans Don’t Understand

When you’re traveling to a country where English is widely spoken, you might assume you’ll understand what everyone is saying. But if you’re in Ireland, where English is the primary language, and someone says they want “the black stuff,” would you know they meant a pint of Guinness? These are some Irish slang words and…

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Calling all Chili Cooks!

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