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Haunted House Workers Reveal Their Biggest Secrets

Halloween is almost here, and there will probably be loads of folks heading out to haunted houses to get their spook on in the coming days. Well, all those haunted houses have employees who are hired to help scare the heck out of you, which is no doubt an interesting experience.

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has employees at haunted houses revealing their biggest secrets, and as you probably feared they are likely to be laughing at you.

Among the Haunted House confessions:

  • “I work at a haunted house and I can’t help but say I love to make people cry and pee in their pants.”
  • “I work at a haunted house and yes we laugh at your reactions on the hundreds of hidden security cameras.”
  • “I work at a haunted house and I’m always too lazy to wipe off my makeup before I go home. Driving home as whatever character is very odd.”
  • “I work at a haunted house as a clown and I’m secretly terrified of clowns.”
  • “I work at a haunted house every Halloween. I wish I could scare people all year long.”
  • “Working at a haunted house isn’t easy but it’s hella fun.”
  • “I work at a haunted house and have to chase people with a chainsaw while dressed as a doll. One time I scared someone so badly they grabbed my arm and bit me. I had to get stitches.”
  • “Work at a haunted house. It’s like primal scream therapy you get paid for.”
  • “I work at a haunted house and yes we do laugh and mock your actions once you leave our rooms.”
  • “The reason I work at a haunted house is because I like to scare people. I hate the world. Can’t kill them so this is my small piece of revenge.”
  • “I work at a haunted house every Halloween season and drunk people are either fun or a (bleeping) annoyance, there is no in between.”

Source: Whisper

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