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So Halloween Christmas Trees Are A Thing

Some people really love Christmas trees. We enjoy them so much that we can hardly wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put them up and aren’t ready to see them go after New Year’s Day. But now there’s a new trend that uses our favorite holiday tree for a new purpose – Halloween.

That’s right, people are taking their trees that are normally covered in candy canes and ornaments in red and green and they’re multi purposing them for Halloween. Covering them with pumpkins and spiders, decorated with orange and black. They’re putting them up in October with the spooky decor and then in November, they swap the design and trim the tree with traditional Christmas baubles and lights.

So picture a Christmas tree covered in cobwebs instead of red ribbons and garlands. You can swap the snowmen for skulls and use a witch’s hat for the tree topper. And if the tree is already up at Halloween, that’ll save time setting it up later. We can see how that could be helpful during the busy holiday season.

But is putting up the Christmas tree in October just way too soon? Not for the people who love Halloween as much as some of us love Christmas. They love having another way to display all their creepy, scary decorations. Check out Instagram to see these Halloween trees in all their glory or get inspired to create your own. Personally, I’m a purist, waiting for Christmas to put up the Christmas tree. But you do you.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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