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What’s The Most Insulting Gifts You’ve Ever Received?

While everyone loves to get gifts for birthdays and the holidays, there’s no doubt everyone has experienced unwrapping a present to find a truly awful gift inside. Of course, we all likely put on a brave face, and claim to love the horrendous offering, but it’s a safe bet that gift either went into the garbage, or a drawer, never to be seen again.

Now getting an ugly sweater is bad, but it’s not the worst thing in the world. But some gifts are unbelievably awful, or even insulting, and thanks to a new Reddit thread, which asked, “What’s the most insulting gift you’ve ever received?” people are finally admitting to some of the worst gifts they’ve ever received.

Among the gift disasters:

  • One woman said the first time she met her future mother-in-law, the woman took a pair of socks from the woman’s travel bag, put a bow on them and gave them to her as a gift. “I assumed it was a gag gift type scenario and laughed,” the poster explains. “She was deeply offended that I didn’t appreciate her efforts to show me that I was welcome in the family.”
  • “From my aunt and uncle, a $5 gift card to Best Buy. I didn’t even know they came in that small of denomination. Turns out they don’t; it was originally a $20 and they spent it down to about $4.83.”
  • “A nose-hair trimmer when I was ten.”
  • “A half-finished drawing of my mom, bare-breasted, from my brother.”
  • One poster said that she won a work contest for selling the most accessories and got, “a f****** yodeling pickle ornament.”
  • “When I was in high school my step brothers and I sat down to go through our Christmas stockings. They empty theirs, brand new iPods. Mine? Off brand MP3 player. Like in a clamshell package runs on AAs off brand. The favoritism stung.”
  • One person admitted that he and some fellow soldiers gave an engraved flask to a guy getting out of the army. “As it turns out he was being administratively separated for failing alcohol rehab,” the poster writes. “We had no idea and we all felt like s*** afterwards.”
  • “My now ex wife gave me nothing on my birthday. No gift, no card, nothing. Same week, we’re at the store, she gets a card for a co-worker, a guy. We separated less than a year later.”

Source: The Daily Mail

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