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Giant Pumpkin Being Used To Feed The A Thousand Homeless People

It’s fall, which means pumpkins are everywhere. Well one couple decided to do some good with their gourd. Ray and Sarah Armstrong took second place at a national giant pumpkin competition with their 820-pound behemoth. Now, they’re donating it to charity.
“We heard other giant pumpkin growers donate theirs to the local zoo, where elephants smash them up and eat them,” Ray explains. “We just thought if it could feed an elephant how many people could it feed?”
The pumpkin will be made into soup while the super seeds, which could grow another giant pumpkin, will be sold off for $6 a pop. All the proceeds will then go to charity.
Source: Mirror

Baby Yoda Is Now A LEGO Set

  Now, those who love themselves some Baby Yoda and LEGOs, your dream product is on the market. On October 30th, LEGO’s “Star Wars The Child Construction Set” will be hitting stores. This is part of a new LEGO promotion called “Mando Mondays,” where they’ll feature new product reveals weekly, all revolving around “The Mandalorian.”…

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Underage Couple Forced to Marry After Dating After Sunset

In Indonesia, a fifteen-year-old boy and a twelve-year-old have been forced to marry after breaking a local custom that forbids dating after sunset. The young couple had only been dating four days. It seems that 15-year-old Suhaimi and his 12-year-old girlfriend, Nur Herawati, were pressured into the marriage by the girl’s parents, after allegedly breaking…

Mood Killers People Have Heard During Sex

  All it takes is one poorly timed thought verbalized to kill the mood and ruin a sure-thing night of sexual bliss. The crew at The Chive asked their followers to share their most memorable mood killers. Here are some of the best…or worst…depending on your perspective. “While we were going at it, she asked,…

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Plans Released For The World’s First Reality Show In Space

A production company just scored a deal to hold what may be the first-ever reality show in space. The current plan for the show they’re calling “Space Hero” is to have people compete to find the worthiest soul to launch into orbit with the winner taking a legit trip to the International Space Station. According…

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Man Tattoos Every Inch Of His Body Including His Privates

A German man has a bit of a tattoo addiction and over the years has managed to tattoo every inch of his body, including his private parts. He says that the women just love it on him. Tattoo shop owner and musician Daniel Gun, from Hanover in Germany, really started the ink when he was a…

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Coronavirus Q&A Roundtable

Coronavirus Q&A Roundtable

Coronavirus Q&A Round Table There are so many rumors going around about the coronavirus. learn the truth on Wednesday June 3 at 7 PM 101.5 the Fox will be going on Facebook live with local health professionals, from Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center, to answer any questions you have about this coronavirus. Miranda Simpson, RN, CHMCMichael Seidman,…



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