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Couple Poses With Puppies Instead of Flowers On Their Wedding Day

Kathryn and Brad Ziemer decided to put a unique spin on their wedding photos. Instead of the usual flowers, the Minnesota couple went with puppies.

They picked pooches from local nonprofit Secondhand Hounds, which rescues dogs from high kill shelters. “Well, first-off who doesn’t love puppies? And second, I wanted puppies specifically from Secondhand Hounds,” Kathryn explains. “Having puppies at the wedding was so special to me and Brad, but it was more about Secondhand Hounds! This animal rescue is incredible!”

As if that weren’t enough, the Ziemers also asked that instead of gifts, guests make donations to Secondhand Hounds and other nonprofits.

Source: FOX 9

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Patient Charged $40 For Crying At Doctor’s Appointment

25-year-old YouTube personality Camille Johnson is calling attention to a medical bill her younger sister received that billed her for crying. She tweeted out a picture of the bill with the line item “BRIEF EMOTIONAL/BEHAV ASSMT” circled in red along with the charge for the service…$40. Johnson says her sister has a rare disease and…

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Dad Teaches Daughter ‘Smart’ Way To Put On A Bra

A dad in Canton, Ohio has gone viral by demonstrating to his daughter how to put on a bra. In the clip, he wraps the bra around his waist with the clasps in front of his stomach, fastens the clasps, then pulls the bra around his body before pulling it up and putting the shoulder…

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Arizona Teen Can’t Cry Because She’s So Allergic To Water

A teenage girl in Arizona is dealing with something that’s almost impossible to imagine…she’s allergic to water. Abigail Beck has been diagnosed with aquagenic urticaria, a condition that causes itchy hives upon contact with water. There are only around 100 cases of the condition on record, and the 15-year-old says it’s a severe problem. Abigail…

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Couple Flip A Coin At Wedding To Decide Which Last Name To Share

Collin Hansen proposed to his girlfriend, teacher Pearl Lee, in November of last year, and the couple scheduled their wedding for March of this year. As the big day got closer, they found they had a problem; while a new bride traditionally takes the last name of her new husband, Pearl didn’t know if she…

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Strippers Trying To Form Exotic Dancers Union

A group of strippers that perform at the Star Garden Topless Dive Bar in North Hollywood, California voted to unionize in late March. If they’re successful, they would be an independent entity under Strippers United, which is federally recognized by the National Labor Relations Board. They’re not waiting for permission, either. Last week, the group…

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