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Science Says Eating Yellow Foods Can Make You Happier

Now that the days are getting shorter, some people are starting to feel the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. But new research shows there’s a cheap and easy way to put a smile on your face and it all has to do with what’s on your plate. Turns out, eating yellow foods can make us happier.

The Happy Egg Company found that consuming foods in shades of yellow releases a lot of happy hormones because we associate that color with feeling cheerful. Yellow stimulates the left – or logical – side of the brain, which pushes us to think of the color as warm and fun.

Their research shows that 70% of people link yellow foods with feeling joyful. So what are the top happy yellow foods? Omelettes came in first with 61%, and macaroni and cheese was next with 55%. Bananas and pancakes were the other top ranked yellow foods.

The results of the research were surprising to neuropsychologist Dr. David Lewis. “There is lots of research to show how color can affect our emotions,” he explains, “but we were surprised to discover that so many yellow food groups evoked such strong positive feelings as well as stimulating taste buds.”

So if yellow foods make us happy, what do we eat that could bring us down? As you might expect, people say blue foods do. Good thing there aren’t too many of them to worry about.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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