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An Easy Fix To Cut Your Chances Of Catching A Cold

Cooler weather might not actually cause the common cold, but we all know that fall and winter are the seasons of sickness. Catching something is as easy as being near a coughing stranger on the subway or sitting near a sick coworker. You’re fine one minute, then you wake up with a sore throat and know what’s about to happen.

But new research from the academic journal, “Sleep,” suggests a simple way to keep yourself from coming down with a common cold. And it’s something you already do, just probably not enough. What you need to stay healthy is sleep.

Research shows that people who only get five or six hours of shut eye a night are four times more likely to catch a cold that those who snooze for seven hours or more. Your body needs that much time to rest to boost your immunity and fight off those viruses.

Since you probably wish you got more sleep than you do now, keep this all in mind as your germy colleagues and strangers in elevators cough and sneeze near you. You can’t avoid them, but you can get into bed earlier and get the rest you need to fight it off. It’s free, it’s easy, and there really are no downsides!

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Half Of Americans Wish Holiday Season Was Longer

Do you feel like there’s not enough time in the holidays to do all the things you want to do? You’re in good company, as half of Americans (52%) share that feeling, according to new research. A new survey asks U.S. adults about how they spend their time during the holiday season and finds that…

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Cross Tattoo On His Forehead That Says ‘Hot Dogs’

TikToker @nomad_radtattoo has over 5.4 million views on a video where he shows off a customer’s new tattoo. The ink is the shape of a cross, with the word “HOT” going across and the word “DOGS” sharing the letter “O” as it goes downward in the design. Just a weird tattoo, right? Not really; viewers…

Cocaine Bear” – Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

You’d best watch your ass, because “Cocaine Bear” is coming. The movie is legit, as the title suggests, it’s about “a bear that accidentally does a bunch of cocaine.” There are some legit credits behind it, too. Elizabeth Banks took on the directing duties, and it’s one of the final roles of the late Ray…

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Air India Orders Cabin Crews To Dye Their Gray Hair

Indian corporation Tata Group wants to improve Air India, which it took over at the start of the year, and a new 40-page booklet given to staff includes new grooming regulations employees must follow both at work and in their private lives, including making sure their hair meets the requirements. Crew members aren’t allowed to…

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