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Top Ten Food Trends For 2017

Food is apparently like fashion, and even though it’s still 2016, Sterling-Rice Group (SRG) has already identified where the “in crowd” of foodies will be focusing their attention next year.

Look for these culinary trends to be front and center in 2017:

  • Wake and Cake: Yes, cake for breakfast. This diet strategy is growing in popularity around the U.S.
  • Dosha Dining: It’s all about balance and energy – and using the ancient practice of Ayurveda to bring balance
  • Plant Butchery: Options for meat substitutes are growing from chickpeas, legumes, and fungi. Look out for “mock meats”
  • Food Waste Frenzy: Because 40% of food in the U.S. goes to waste, restaurants and food companies will continue to prepare food being less wasteful (using the whole fruit / vegetable instead of just a portion)
  • Snackin’ Sardines: Snacks high in omega-3s, protein, and umami flavoring, sardines will move to the forefront for health conscious snackers
  • Noodle on This: Oodles of noodles for the masses
  • Mocktail Mixology: Think “nonalcoholic happy hours”
  • Goat! Goat is low in calories, fat, and cholesterol, and poised to become the next big protein in 2017
  • Cook and Connect: The sharing economy for food is growing. Look for more communal dining spots and outdoor kitchens as the fleet-farming movement expands
  • Migratory Meals: This will focus on celebrating rich heritages through cuisine as refugee populations begin to make culinary connections in the U.S.

Source: Sterling-Rice Group


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