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Supercharge Your Morning Coffee With These Natural Additions

Wha to do when even a double espresso doesn’t give you the buzzy boost you need from your coffee? Add one of these healthy ingredients people are putting in their coffee for extra energy. They might sound strange at first, but they might just do the trick when you’re groggy and your regular brew isn’t cutting it.

Coconut oil – It’s made up of mainly medium-chain fatty acids, which your body can absorb easily to use as fuel to give you energy. And since your body is metabolizing this kind of fat faster, there’s less of it around to store on your belly and thighs.

Grass-fed butter – Paleo dieters call this Bulletproof coffee, and it’s supposed to suppress hunger, promote weight loss, and improve energy and performance. More research is needed to prove those claims, but pro-Paleo people say meat, milk, butter and such from grass-fed cows contain higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids. But as yummy as butter is, I just can’t imagine it in my coffee.

Cacao powder – Now this isn’t the same as the cocoa powder in your pantry for baking, it’s a raw powder made from the cacao bean and it “helps stimulate a flow of endorphins” and that could give you the morning boost you need. Cacao is a superfood with lots of magnesium and a mild natural stimulant called theobromine, which may help burn more fat. And cacao also has caffeine in it too, so it could really help get you going.

Cayenne powder – Give your coffee a kick with a dash of cayenne pepper powder. It contains capsaicin, a compound that can boost your metabolism into overdrive and help suppress your appetite. And the heat from the cayenne will keep you from dragging.

Cardamom – This Middle Eastern spice that gives Chai tea its flavor is supposed to help increase circulation and give you energy. So add a pinch of ground cardamom seeds to your coffee grounds or to your cup of coffee for an extra pick-me-up.

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