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Couple Wins Beer And Money In Wife Carrying Contest

Forget carrying your wife over the threshold, try carrying your missus through an obstacle course. That’s exactly what Elliot Stoney did and now he and his wife, Giana, are 11 cases of beer and $665 richer.
The couple from Westbrook, Maine are the winners of this year’s North American Wife Carrying Championship after completing the 278-yard course in just under a minute. What’s the story behind the strange amount of beer and cash? The prize is Giana’s weight in beer and five times her weight in money.
The Stoneys will head to the world championship in Finland next year, but they might be up against couples competing a bit differently. Duos don’t have to be married and they can choose who carries whom. Plus, there are a variety of different carry positions, including the “Estonian carry,” where the person being carried hangs upside dangling behind their partner.
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Idaho Man Sets New Fist Bumps Record

His knuckles may be bloodied and bruised, but David Rush has now broken another world record. He shared a video on Sunday showing him and his neighbor’s son managing 273 fist bumps in 30 seconds, easily beating the old record of 174. Rush also set the world record for the most fist bumps in one…

Flight Attendants Reveal Airline Freebies You Didn’t Know About

Buying plane tickets can be pretty pricey these days, but it turns out, they sometimes come with some free perks. When you fly economy, you’re stuck with cramped seats and limited food and beverage service, but you may be able to ask for some freebies that will make your experience a little more comfortable. “Travel…

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