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You Will Never Live To Be Past 125…So Don’t Bother Trying

Most people want to live a long life, and yes, it’s true that people are now living longer than ever before. But that isn’t a trend that is going to continue because researchers have now concluded that there is a definite end…and there ain’t no getting around it.

That’s according to Jan Vijg at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. According to his crew, after a certain point your body just can’t hang anymore. Unless, of course, you are counting loose skin, boobs, and droopy balls. Then, the body can hang a great deal.

So what’s that final number? The ripe old age of 125-years-old. Oh, that’s the number you’ll never get to. In fact, the closest anyone has come is when Jeanne Calment of France made it half way through her 122nd year.

The gauntlet has been thrown down, and we all now have a goal. So…let’s get to livin’!

Source: Daily Mail

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