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Folks Admit The Last Straw That Ended Their Relationship

Deciding to end a relationship is never easy, but sometimes there’s just one thing that puts you over the edge and finally makes you realize you just can’t take it anymore.

Well, a thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks revealing that last straw that ended their relationship, and they run the gamut from totally understandable, totally unreasonable, and downright shocking.

Among the confessions:

  • “He told me he loved me on our fifth day together…turned a red light in my head.”
  • “When she told me she was three months pregnant by another guy and asked me to stay.”
  • “My ex used to try and drunk/high text me and it made me really uncomfortable. The next day he never remembered anything. He also could never spell my name right.”
  • “I asked her what her opinion on adoption was and she replied with ‘ew. I don’t want to adopt. Those kids have a lot of issues.’”
  • “I found out my ex only showered once a month…I thought he was joking, until I started sleeping over his house often. That f***ker wasn’t joking.”
  • “He proposed after three months of dating.”
  • “He could not get over his ex. A year in I couldn’t handle it anymore. He was obsessed.”
  • “My ex literally wouldn’t let me talk about Beyoncé because he thought I loved her more.”
  • “She kicked my dog. I kicked her out of the house that very same day.”
  • “He cheated on me with a girl cause he wanted his parents to think he was straight.”
  • “Mine kept saying ‘mud butt’ anytime he (or I) had to poop. It was too annoying and gross hearing that constantly so I ended things.”
  • “He started planning our wedding and talking about our life as a married couple with me as a housewife. We were 15 and in a three-month relationship.”

Source: Whisper

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